Skol Nation Has a Reason For Optimism.

As I sat and watch the final Vikings game of 2014, I wasn’t too worried if they would win or lose, I just wanted them to play a good game. That’s all I usually want because you can’t win them all. What I did take away from Sunday’s game was the the Minnesota Viking WILL be relevant in 2015.

It all starts at the top. Mike Zimmer has showed that his statement of holding players accountable was not just a warning. It was refreshing to see Zimmer chew on a players behind when they made a mistake. Refreshing after the docile approach Leslie Frazier was using. Norv Turner was forced to use conservative  plays due to the fact that his quarterback was a rookie and the Vikings had no running game.

The defense made huge progress in Zimmer’s first year. Xavier Rhodes has became one of the top cover corners in the NFL and Everson Griffen displayed a big upside come from the left side. Audie Cole was always around the ball yesterday making a case for him starting next year.

tempchi-17-1sth-andy-122814-1-o122814--nfl_mezz_1280_1024I know it’s early, but here are a few players I think will have a tough time making the roster next year: Fan favorite Brian Robison, Josh Robinson, Captain Munnerlyn and Chad Greenway.

On offense, Teddy Bridgewater showed poise while being under pressure most of the time. I am impressed with Teddy’s accuracy, but I really like the touch he puts on the ball. Just look at his completion to Adam Thielen yesterday and the touchdown pass to Greg Jennings and the missed call TD pass to Chase Ford.

The offensive line is of huge concern to me. Matt Kalil’s sophomore slump seemed to get worse in his 3rd year and quickly became a concern for Vikings fans. My list of offensive players that will have a hard time making the 2015 roster: Charlie Johnson.

This season showed how important a running game still is. I for one hope the Vikings give Adrian Peterson a second chance in 2015. Some will argue that he is getting old, but remember, he had basically this whole season off and could rest. But, I can see Rick Spielman drafting a running back in the 2015 draft.

Other notes:

Jerome Felton has decided to opt out of his contract for next year, but he hasn’t ruled out coming back. My guess is he is waiting to see what the Vikings have planned for AP.

The NFL has this blogger scratching his head on the actual purpose of replay. I thought it was implemented to get wrong calls right. I don’t understand how they couldn’t give Chase Ford a touchdown in the Miami game. He clearly scored, but the officials didn’t seem to care about that. It ultimately cost the Vikings a W.


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