Minnesota Viking Lose To……The Minnesota Vikings

I wish I could say I was this all knowing Pigskin Prognosticator, but I’m not. I’m just your average Minnesota Vikings fan. I’ve suffered through the ups and down of the vikings for over 45 year now. This past offseason gave Vikings fans a glimmer of hope. The Wilfs just hired as head coach, a defensive coordinator that is highly regarded throughout the NFL, and had a draft that saw the Vikings get 2 first rounders.

One of the first rounders, Teddy Bridgewater, was told by the head coach a week earlier that the Vikings “were his team”. Next on the Viking schedule was a trip to Ford Field and a rematch with the Detroit Lions and a chance for Bridgewater to redeem himself for the 3 interception performance at TCF Bank Stadium.

The sad thing was, the gunslinger went into Detroit with a couple cylinders in his revolver missing bullets. Teddy’s only real playmaker appears to be a big surprise wide receiver named Charles Johnson. He has no real huge threat at running back. Teddy went 31 of 41 with to huge interceptions that lead to a short field for the Lions and 10 points. The fact that Bridgewater had to throw the ball 41 times is the telltale sign that Norv Turner has no trust in the running game.

Then, throw in the 3 missed field goal attempts by Blair Walsh, and I came to the conclusion that the Lions didn’t beat the Vikings, the Vikings beat the Vikings.

One thing I do notice is that even though the Vikings did lose in Detroit, they were in the game until the final seconds and overall show improvement every week. Mental mistakes are what Zimmer needs to work on. Well that, and maybe some offensive linemen.

Xavier Rhodes is turning out to be one of the better corners in the league. The Vikings need another on the other side. Plus they need a complement to Harrison Smith at safety.

If Rick Spielman can do some more magic in next years draft I think the Vikings could be in the running for the division in 2015. Not to mention the possibility of Adrian Peterson being back in the lineup.

Some may say I’m delusional. I say, if I didn’t have positive optimism, then I would be a true fan. But, at some point, we need to quit with the optimism, and just win some games!!

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