Vikings fans need to be P A T I E N T.

I have been a Vikings fan since 1969. I would sit next to my dad and watch the games, and every once in a while adjust the rabbit ears according to my father’s instructions to get a better picture. I also was a huge trading card collector. My goal every year was the collect every player on the Vikings trading card. You hit the jackpot if you came across doubles or triples of one card. That was trade bait.

My favorite cards back in the day were Chuck Foreman,  Carl Eller, Fran Tarkington, Allen Page and Bill Brown. Back in those days, there wasn’t such a quick turnaround of players. Many would play their entire career with the same team. Back then, it was easier to choose and follow your favorite players. Newspapers were the only method to follow them. The newspaper was the main reason I wanted to learn how to read. I wanted this information.

The players stats could only be found on the back of their trading card, and be from previous years. Nothing current.

A couple of things that were constant back in those days was the Vikings had a ferocious defence and consistency at QB. Joe Kapp, then Fran Tarkington, Bob Lee, Tommy Kramer and even Daunte Culpepper. The Vikings would always have the late nationally televised game in the 70’s and 80’s, usually on CBS and the announcers were Pat Summerall and Tom Brookshier (the best combo ever IMHO).

This past decade or so, the Vikings QB situation has been very inconsistent, and no one QB lasts longer than a year or two as starter. The most recent being Christian Ponder. Matt Cassel was brought in to start until Rick Spielman drafted the next Viking starting QB. Then the Vikings drafted Teddy Bridgewater, after trading up and grabbing their 3rd first rounder in last years draft.

Cassel was the injured in the game against the Saints. Teddy was thrown to the Lions. Not really the plan that Norv Turner and Mike Zimmer had envisioned. He struggled for the remainder of the game and Vikings fans started the “he’s a bust” discussion. The next week against the Falcons, he looked like a wily veteran.Teddy Bridgewater

My take on the past few games Teddy has started were he seems to play better in an up tempo, no huddle situation. I cannot explain it, except that maybe Teddy has a tendency over think things in a slow tempo, always huddle game plan. I am also noticing him getting tendencies like Ponder, and not hitting the receiver in the first window and waits until the second window or throwing to the check down which is the running back  3-4 yards in the middle of the field.

Then, watch Teddy in the final few minutes of a quarter or end of the game and he is hitting receivers like he was against the Falcons. I, like many fans,  notice a connection between Teddy and Charles Johnson. It’s hard for me to ascertain why that is, I don’t have access to game films and base this off of what I see in the TV broadcast. I just wonder if the other receivers are running lazy routes.

There were a few times I did notice Cordarrelle Patterson just going through the motions and not running much of a route. I just wonder if the receivers simply aren’t getting open and then couple that with poor offensive line play, and you give up sacks.

I would like to see Norv try a no huddle, fast paced offence. I just think it would help Teddy by giving him less time to overthink the situation and the defense would have less time to change personnel and possibly slowing down the pass rush.

The main thing is us fans should have a little more patience with Teddy. His stats aren’t worse than many first year stats of current QB’s considered to be future Hall of Famers. Players like Russell Wilson don’t come around very often.

Other Notes:

The Vikings claimed Ben Tate off of waivers and waived MarQueis Gray. The first thing I thought when I heard Tate was waived was that the Vikings should grab him. He is only 26 and was pretty productive when Arian Foster was hurt.

When I was a youngster, I had the pleasure of meeting many Vikings football players (Allen Page, Paul Krause, Carl Eller to name a few) and also some important political leaders (Walter Mondale and Hubert Humphrey to name a few). But, as an adult, I had the pleasure of meeting Doug Sutherland when I was working at Mont Du Lac Ski Area. He was a salesman for a local beer distributor and would stop by once a week. The stories he told me were priceless and he confided in me the player he hated most when he played was a wide receiver who played for the Dolphins. Not naming names ;-).

The Vikings have a tough one coming up on Sunday. I predict the Vikings will lose, BUT, they will keep Aaron Rodgers and the high power Packers to under 30 points. Vikings will lose 27-14. I’m not a hater, just a realist.


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