Peterson’s future rests in Goodell’s and Wilf’s hands.

With Adrian Peterson’s plea of no contest to misdemeanor reckless assault as part of plea deal with prosecutors to resolve his felony child abuse case, the future of AP and the Vikings is in the hands of the NFL commissioner and the owner of the Vikings.

Many have said that since the plea was a misdemeanor, and AP has paid his dues being placed on the commissioners exempt list for 8 games, he should be able to play right away. The timing couldn’t be better with the Vikings bye week this week.

I particularly liked how the judge stated he wanted to “make him a better parent”. I have bad news for many of you, but I’m not sure this will make Adrian a “better” parent. What concerns me is the report that AP has 7 children and he never met his 2 year old son that died in 2013.

I am also pretty sure that there are many parents out there that still use a switch from a tree or a belt for discipline. I knew of a handful of kids in my neighborhood that were hit with belts among other things. We all feared those kids fathers.

I would not be surprised if AP was in uniform for the Vikings next game Nov. 16th against the Bears.

Mark Dayton won another term as Governor of Minnesota this past Tuesday. I was hoping he would not get another term. He handled the new Vikings stadium financing issue so poorly that I figured he would get replaced. My biggest issue with the whole financing deal was the use of electronic pull tabs.

For those of you who do not know what pull tabs are/were, they are a paper paper ticket with tabs you open revealing all types of symbols. The symbols you want to see are the ones that win you money. The winner could be as low as $0.25 up to several hundreds of dollars. The number of tickets are roughly 2800 tickets with 4-6 BIG winners and then the winners value decrease from there. This was a fun way to spend a little money and possibly win a little spending money until the state decided that they needed to tax these games.

Pull tabs were used by charities to help earn them money for the work they did for the communities. Once the state got their greedy mitts on these games, the odds of winning dropped quite a bit.

While the Democrats claim to champion for the poor, working man, who do you think plays these games? It’s usually the people who cannot afford to be playing them like the poor working man, but cannot resist the draw of the possibility to win a few hundred dollars for the cost of possibly just a dollar or 2.

Then, the Wilfs are putting up roughly %50 of the 1+ Billion dollars the stadium is going to cost. But, the monies they are promising is actually coming from the NFL and the dreaded seat licensing fees. So in reality, the Wilfs are paying nothing for their sparkling new stadium. Also keep in mind, that the businesses in downtown Minneapolis make Millions of dollars from these games, and basically have nothing at stake in the financing except a small tax paid by, you guessed it, their customers. Now rich people aren’t actually putting any money into the palace they are building, just us silly fans are.

Nice job Mr Dayton, you really championed for the poor and middle class.

I think that many are understating on how good a job that Zimmer and Co are doing with the 2014 Minnesota Vikings. They lost their work horse running back, their starting quarterback and their starting tight end. On defense, the guy they are relying on to fill Kevin Williams spot was shot in the calf at a Twin Cities nightclub and missed 4 games.

Throwing Teddy Bridgewater in after Cassel went down made many happy, but when the kid made some poor throws, they start saying he was another Spielman 1st round bust.  With the Vikings sitting at 4-5 for their bye week, I think they are in great shape. The remaining schedule has the Bears twice, Packers, Panthers, Jets, Lions and Dolphins.

I can see them beating the Bears (twice), Jets, Lions and Dolphins. Our only losses will be to the Packer and Panthers. That would have the Vikings sitting at 9-7. Maybe not a playoff team, but a huge improvement over last year. The Viking defense is showing improvement with every game and Teddy is getting valuable in game experience. If I am right, I think a 9-7 season would be more than acceptable.

I am already excited about next years draft. I cannot wait until we see who the next crop of Vikings will be suiting up in 2015!


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