Week #7 Vikings at Bills

Sorry my post is so late, I was having internet issues Sunday and was in the hospital Monday so I will just do a review of the season so far.

The 2014 Minnesota Vikings season has been like a roller coaster so far. This is not much of a surprise to this blogger. Fans had high hopes for the 2014 edition of the Purple People Eaters. I, for one, thought we might be putting the cart before the horse.

While Zimmer does have a decent coaching resume, it’s a large task taking last years team and molding them into a playoff team. Then take into consideration that the teams #1 offensive weapon is on leave for child abuse allegations, our starting tight end is hurt and well as most of our starting offensive line.

This year, when the Vikings do win, it’s because of an impressive team win, a game where every player does his job. In the losses, they have been ugly to say the last, until the game against the bills where it looked like they were going to get their 3rd win of the season our hearts were ripped out again with 1 second left in the game.

Us fans have a “win now” attitude and are not honest with ourselves knowing it will take a year or two to be considered a playoff team. It usually takes a new coach 2-3 years to get his players on the field. Even though the defense has made huge strides in the right direction, the offense seems to have slipped a bit. It’s to be expected by the fact our starting QB is a rookie and well as our starting running back.

Teddy Bridgewater has shown some serious QB skills, and then some not so skilled things. These growing pains are to be expected. I do like his demeanor. He is calm and almost stoic at times. While it is a hard thing for a rookie to do, I want to see him as a leader on and off the field. On the field, I want to see him talking with his linemen and receivers on the sidelines, maybe even getting in their faces to get them to elevate their play. Only time will tell if we get to see that.

While Jerick McKinney isn’t Adrian Peterson, he has been a pleasant surprise and I feel should start over Matt Asiata.

While the offensive line has been taking heat for Teddy getting sacked 15 times so far this season, some of the blame needs to be placed on the wide receivers and tight ends for not running tight routes.

Our defense has shown the most improvement. I think Anthony Barr could be as good a linebacker as LT. This guy is all over the field making plays. Harrison Smith is another player whose name gets mentioned by a lot of announcers for making big plays.

While some fans were saying the Vikings would make the playoffs this year, I thought 8-8 was more realistic. But with the Vikings sitting at 2-5, that might be a stretch. I see 6-10.


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