Week #5, Vikings at Packers

I waited until the dust settled from the Vikings v Packers game last night to write this post. But it didn’t help get that bitter taste we all get when Christian Ponder is declared the Vikings starter. I was one of many Vikings fans that had hoped Ponder would have been released before the regular season started. But, through a series of injuries, we went in a complete circle and had to endure Ponders over throws, throws behind receivers and interceptions.

Please don’t get me wrong, because Ponder has been nothing but professional in the way he talked to the media and fans. Sadly, this doesn’t help him on the field. It didn’t take long for us to know it was going to be a long night, with the Vikings down 14-0 in the FIRST quarter. It’s pretty amazing how one player can affect a whole team. Two Sundays ago, you could see the team’s efforts get better once Teddy Bridgewater entered the game in relief of Matt Cassel.

Once the game started, it was obvious that the Vikings knew they had no chance. One thing I cannot understand is why the Vikings stick with Matt Asiata as the starting running back. I think we should be seeing more of Jerick McKinnon and maybe us Asiata in goal line situations. Asiata doesn’t let his blocks develop, he just takes the ball and runs straight into whatever hole the Vikings offensive line may or may not have opened.

One thing I did notice was I counted 5 holding calls and a block in the back in the first quarter alone that weren’t called against the Packers. But, the officials didn’t hesitate throwing the Yellow hanky against the Vikings. Even though the Vikings had their asses handed to them last night, there is a Silver lining. The football pundits were predicting the Vikings would be 0-5 at this point, but instead, they are 2-3. Now we have a much more manageable schedule coming up, and if they can go 5-0  in the next five games, we are in the hunt for the playoffs.

Then, there is this Tweet by The NFL Network:

I think they left a team off this little poll. Won’t they look funny when the Vikings win the division?? Sillier things have happened!


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