MN at NO Week # 3

Three weeks into the 2014-15 season and it’s clear as the nose on my face that the Vikings miss Adrian Peterson. The viking run defense seemed to have many holes and their run offense didn’t do much either. The one bright spot was the play of Teddy Bridgewater. Bridgewater entered the game after Matt Cassel was injured scrambling for plus yardage.

The game started with the Saints opening drive scoring a touchdown on a drive that took only 5:20 to go 80 yards. Capped on a 1 yard Pierre Thomas 1 yard run. The Vikings offense worked for every yard on their first couple of drives. Yardage was hard to come by and Cassel’s throws were off target.

Enter Teddy Bridgewater at the 12:15 mark of the 2nd quarter. I was impressed at how poised bridgewater looked for this being his first regular season action. One thing I did notice was the times where Bridgewater had to rush the players up to the line of scrimmage, he also rushed his throws. He wasn’t helped much by the offensive line as many of his throws were rushed. Bridgewater looked good though, ending the game 12/20 for 150 yards.


Vikings had a hard time stopping the Saints running game.

The Vikings defense kept Drew Brees in check for most of the second half keeping the game close. But, the offense could not score a touchdown settling for 3 field goals.

With :13 left in the 3rd quarter, it appeared that the Vikings had made a huge 3rd down stop, but instead they were flagged for roughing the passer. The call left me scratching my head, because the hit was not nearly as bad as those taken by Brett Favre in the 09 NFC Championship game and were not called. This pretty much took the wind out of the Vikings sails.

The Saints managed to score a touchdown on a 18 yard Brees to Marques Colston touchdown pass, giving the Saints a 20-9 lead. That was the final score.

Not sure on the extent of Cassel’s injury, but if it is bad enough for him to miss a few weeks, our QB situation looks kind of bleak. If Teddy were to go down with an injury, that would leave us with Christian Ponder as the only option. One good thing that could come from this is Bridgewater will get reps with the #1’s in practice and hopefully start to get some chemistry with a few of the Vikings playmakers.

Overall, the Vikings can say they held the Saints to only 20 points at home and the defense played better after the first quarter. But, a 1-4 start doesn’t look like it that far fetched. They need to address the running back situation. Asiata just doesn’t seem to have the ability to make long runs and seems to have poor vision, with trouble finding seams to run through.


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