Us Viking fans get a cold dose of reality

Sitting here sipping my morning coffee, I still cannot believe the outcome of the Vikings-Patriots game on Sunday. I sent a text message to one of my good friends saying “The Vikings will win big and AP will have a huge day”. I was so wrong on all fronts.

I like many fans, expected to see the Vikings, at the very least, stay close to the Brady led Patriots. I guess they did IF you take away the 4 interceptions that led to 24 points. But that’s not how it works.

I have posted on Twitter that us fans should be cautious thinking the Vikings are a playoff caliber team. It usually takes a few years to for a new coach to get “their” personnel on the field. Keep in mind, this team is still filled with several players who were on a team that was 5-10-1 a year ago. It’s tough to take a team with a losing record and make them into a playoff team in one season.

I would view an 8-8 season as a success. But, I think 11-5 isn’t out of the question for the 2015-2016 season.



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