Adrian Peterson’s Future

With the events that transpired over the past weekend, I am amazed at how the media and some fans have turned their back on the star running back. I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s and knew if several kids who “got taken to the woodshed”. Some with belts, some with paddles. They never seemed to get hurt too badly, in fact most joked about it.

I personally would give my children an “attention getting” smack on the rear. But that stopped after they turned 6. It seemed like they got the idea on what’s right and what’s wrong. But, after we would give one of them a smack on the backside, we would explain to them why it happened and also let them know we did still love them.  I was strict as a parent. In fact, my kids (27 and 23) still haven’t said a swear word in front of me or my wife.

Society is viewing any form of discipline as abuse. Schools have been sticking their noses in family business for the past 20 years or so. Parents being put in jail for “spanking” their children. But, I bet if you ask any teacher who has been teaching for more than 20 years, if they notice a change in the behaviour of their students, I bet they will tell you yes, and not a change for the better.

While we were strict parents, we were ALWAYS told by our kids teachers they were the best behaved kids they had. I have a few friends that used the “timeout” method of parenting  and later regretted it. They told me so. These kids have absolutely no respect for their parents.

We don’t know the entire story about what went on that day at Adrian Petersons house. He could have gave his son the swats on the backside and then gave him a hug and tried to explain to him why it happened and that he loved his son. He may have spanked him and then locked him in a closet. I think a few details could sway our opinions one way or another.

I do know that AP has been a guiding light for many inner city youth. He has the All Day Foundation which helps at risk children. Even in his interview he seems like a likeable guy. I would understand the reason for shunning AP IF the spanking was something he enjoyed doing, but my GUESS is it wasn’t something he enjoyed.

AP, like many, grew up in a poor neighborhood. Things are done differently in these neighborhoods. Adrian acted like he did nothing wrong. That was how he was treated, and that’s how he thought he should treat his children. If you don’t know anyone who has been spanked as a child with something other than a hand, consider yourself in the minority.

My feelings are that AP should be given some counseling and explain to him why it was wrong to do what he did. I have seen people who have done worse get a second chance in the NFL. I think AP should be given a second chance.



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