Pre-Season Week #2 Review MN vs ARI

Two weeks of preseason football under the Zimmer regime and the most noticeable differences from the past coaching staff is even though it’s only preseason, coach Zimmer is very fired up and animated on the sidelines. Dare I say, more involved in the game.

I am starting to see some real good chemistry between Matt Cassel and Kyle Rudolph. This could be a product of a Norv Turner offensive scheme. It also looks like the reported weight loss by Rudolph has made him faster and more of a threat down field. The #1’s also showed better pass protection, giving Cassel a much better pocket to throw from.

Marcus Sherels appears to have given himself a great shot at making the final cut with some solid punt returns. He also showed some speed catching up to Jaron Brown on the long wide receiver screen in the first Cardinal drive.

Viking defensive backs continue their tight coverage making it tougher for the opposing offense to complete passes. Not saying that no passes were completed, but the window to get the completion is not nearly as big as in previous years. It could be a long year for linebackers if tight ends and wide receivers can just run into them and get an illegal contact penalty. The call on Chad Greenway should have never been made IMHO. But, I guess the officials are trying out for spots too, so hopefully they will call the games with a little more discretion once the regular season starts.

Teddy Bridgewater looked poised and confident in his second game as a pro. He made some nice throws and showed he can make some good decisions when scrambling. Now I understand he was playing against Arizona’s #2’s and #3’s, but I did notice some marked improvement. The connections between him and wide receiver Rodney Smith might have given Smith shot at making the team.

Other notables:

Arizona’s defense looked fast and closed on the ball carrier rather quickly. If anything, their pass defense looked like the weak spot, at least in this game.

Paul Alan should probably be given a breathalyzer test prior to the next few telecasts. He has been making quite a few errors in his play-by-play, one calling the missed field goal by Blair Walsh incomplete.

Arizona signed Desmond Bishop on August 14th.

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