Cassel has edge after first pre-season game.

I, like just about every other Viking fan was excited to see many of this years rookie class, with Teddy Bridgewater the one I wanted to see the most. I recorded the game so I could review it this week. I have watched it twice since Friday night. I get the same opinion stuck in my mind after each time I watch it, that Matt Cassel is, at this time, the Vikings starter.

I know some might think Teddy played well enough to be considered the #1 QB, but I think I am in the majority. Don’t read anything into my comments, because I also thought Teddy did some good things, he also did a few that showed he is a rookie.

He has the poise of a veteran. Pocket presence was cool and calm. He doesn’t look like he gets rattled easily. Most of his passes were on target and when he rolled out, he had nice throws. I liked how he changed plays (once) to a draw. Even though the play didn’t get much in the way of yardage, it did show he was paying attention and possibly saw something he could exploit.

I have said that if the Vikings defense had been able to stop a drive or two every game last year, they could have very easily finish ahead of the Packers last year. Even with Bill Musgrave calling the plays, the offense was not the problem last year.

One thing that was noticeable from the first pre-season game was the Viking cornerbacks are going to play way more aggressively under coach Zimmer. That, coupled with a different defensive scheme should make Bridgewater’s transition into the Vikings starting quarterback something that can wait until he feels comfortable doing so. No need to rush the process, but I feel he has a better chance than Christian Ponder did. Norv Turner has a reputation of developing quarterbacks, something Ponder didn’t have.

Late Friday night, early Saturday morning, Vikings defensive tackle Linval Joseph was shot in the calf by a stray bullet. The incident happened at 1:30 in the morning. It is reported that Joseph was just an innocent bystander when the shots were fired. In an official statement from the Vikings, they stated:

“Linval suffered a minor injury during the shooting when a stray bullet struck his calf. He was immediately taken to the hospital where he was treated for his injury and released.”

On Twitter, many thought that Joseph should not put himself in a position where he could be involved in a late night incident like this. I for one have no problem with what he was doing.  It was stated he had absolutely nothing to do with what happened. For all we know, he could have been drinking a Coke and minding his own business with some friends. It can happen to anyone.

I would have had a problem with it if he was someone like Greg Jennings who has a beautiful wife and 3 delightful daughters. Then I would have to question why he was at a bar at 1:30 am instead of at home with his family.

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