Dust settles after Kluwe report

It’s been a while since my last post. The months of June and July are the worst for football fans. The draft is over, rookies have been signed and we just wait for training camp to start. I could have posted about some stale subjects, but decided to wait until it was closer to the first day of training camp.

This summer has been less than quiet for Minnesota fans. The Vikings released an abridged version of the Kluwe investigation report. The way they did the release gave me feeling that the had an ace up their sleeve. That ace appeared when it was leaked that ex-Viking punter Chris Kluwe made light of the Sandusky child molestation situation at Penn State.

Twitter was lit up with post by Viking fans, many of which showed little support for Kluwe. I was one of them. From the start I thought the whole thing had a bad smell. I thought that once the dust settles, neither side was going to look good. Very similar to the IncognitoMartin incident. After more info was disseminated, neither party walked away being fully vindicated.

I personally think that the things that special teams coach Mike Priefer was guilty of was not admitting that he did in fact make the comments that allegedly offended Kluwe, and that fact that he was a superior (coach) in the Vikings organization and said those comments while at work conducting business. This is why he should get some sort of suspension. The amount of games he was suspended was adequate. After all, he lied and had poor judgement. Murders get a second chance, right?

I understand that the locker room and basically the whole training facility is filled with thick skinned guys who play a violent game, but that does not excuse Priefer for making the comments in that venue. I have no problem with these or any comments in a casual setting, like out fishing with your buddies or having a few at the local watering hole. I believe in free speech. After all, we live in the United States of America. If you say something controversial in those types of settings, you must also be willing to deal with anyone who will want to disagree with your statements.

It’s very obvious that Chris Kluwe is someone who enjoys being in the spotlight. His one man protest to get Ray Guy into the Hall of Fame gave me the impression that he wanted to be noticed and that was one way to do it.

I know many of us have something or someone they really don’t care for, but don’t go around yelling to everyone their feelings on the matter. Most people use common sense and keep their thoughts to themselves. There is nothing wrong with that.

This is just one guys thoughts. I just want all this behind us when the season starts and any news about the Vikings is going to be about a 6 or 7 game winning streak to start the season.


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