New theme emerges in Zimmer’s first minicamp.

I have been watching videos over on, and I am seeing a common theme emerging from the players interviewed. All interviews so far mention higher player accountability. This will be a good thing in my opinion.

I haven’t posted in a while, manly because there are already too many mock drafts out there and I didn’t need to throw my hat into the ring. I do still stand by my previous post that the Vikings will trade the the #8. I think it could go to Washington because they are in need of offensive linemen and there are a few that could be available at #8.

Taking note of what the Vikings need, I feel they need help at two or three positions. The positions are quarterback (the most obvious), running back and linebacker. I think we are OK on the offensive line. Matt Kalil wasn’t as noticeable last year as he was in his rookie year. I’m not saying he had a bad year, he was not as dominating last year.

Audie Cole could emerge as our starting linebacker and Ben Leber broke down a few of his defensive plays from last year showing his smarts and ability. Zimmer could very well enhance those abilities. I said after his 2 pick preseason game that Audie always seems to be around the ball. This year could be his breakout year.

Matt Cassel will benefit from Norv Turner’s offense. Norv will tailor his offense towards Cassel’s strengths. While we do need a quarterback for the future, Cassel will be a good alternative to start next season. This will give the Viking coaching staff time to groom the quarterback they decide to draft and not rush him into play.

So far I like what I am hearing from players in minicamp, and the fact that players like Adrian Peterson and Greg Jennings were in camp speaks volumes about the excitement surrounding our new coaching staff!

I will not post until after the draft and grade all the Vikings picks.

Pre-Draft projected opening day line up:




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