Griffen signing draws mixed grades.

I was one of the Viking fans that was hoping they would resign Everson Griffen. Many say that he didn’t prove he could be a starter. I want to point out that he has played for Leslie Frazier, the same guy that hesitated playing Cordarrelle Patterson because he was too raw. Frazier was, in my opinion, one of the worst talent evaluating head coaches in Viking history. The same guy that wouldn’t give Audie Cole a chance when it was apparent that Erin Henderson was not a good starting Linebacker.

There might be some validity to what Skip Bayless has always said about Tim Tebow. Even though they don’t have great practices, they perform in games. It must have been something like that. Griffen, Patterson and Cole must have had some horrendous practices to keep them from starting. Or, Frazier has no clue who should have started.


Griffen was always a noticeable player when he was allowed to play. Cole played only in pre-season, but always seemed to be around the ball. I don’t have access to game film, I just base this off of watching the broadcast.


Here is what fans against the Griffen signing are saying:


I have reservations on the signing of Jasper Brinkley.


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