Vikings fans will watch Super Bowl with hope for the future.

As stated in my first post, I am not a journalist, I am a Vikings fan. Not necessarily a fan of the NFL. Since the last seconds ticked of the clock in Seattle, fans and non fans have been bombarded with Super Bowl hype. Richard Sherman has been in the spotlight ever since his post game tirade after their victory over the 49ers. We have all seen the story of Seahawks fullback  Derrick Coleman, playing while legally deaf. While it is an inspiring story, I don’t need to see the same story 6 different times on 5 different channels.

I guess my point is, unless you are in some tribe buried deep in a rain forest, you have had your fill of side stories etc. surrounding the Super Bowl. I feel the problem is we just have too many channels on our TV sets and they just don’t have enough new topics to report on and just keep discussing the same stale subjects.

There was a time in my life where I would watch ESPN for hours and get my fill of sports. But, now days, it seems like sports networks are more worried on how creative they can be while delivering the story than just reporting the details. I now find myself watching The Discovery Channel, AMC, AXSTV and The History Channel.

Don’t get me wrong, I love watching and cheering for my Vikings, but I don’t watch the pre-game and post-game shows much any more. I have found Twitter to be a better source of news about my favorite teams. Plus, I have had the pleasure actually interacting with a few of the players on the Vikings. Try doing that while watching ESPN or Fox Sports.

Another observation I made this week was while watching my favorite morning sports show, The Dan Patrick Show. Direct TV built Dan a temporary Man Cave to use for Super Bowl week. Then Dan announced that the “Man Cave” was going to get dismantled after Friday’s show was over. To me, this seems to be a total waste of money and resources.

I could see a better use of Direct TV’s money.

-Steps off soap box-

Now, back on topic.

With the hiring of coach Zimmer, the Wilfs have given us Vikings fans a glimmer of hope that our team could be on the road to a possible Super Bowl appearance. The Vikings website is still yet to list all of the new coaches that they have hired, but we do know who our new coordinators will be. Minnesota has enough talent, that’s something I truly believe. But, without the proper schemes, even great teams will struggle.

Luckily, I had the pleasure (?) of watching Minnesota’s 4 previous trips to the Super Bowl. Each time, it seemed as though the Vikings were distracted and unprepared. Being lead by a strong defense each time, but the offense could rarely move the ball. This year we had the opposite happen.

I can see a time in the not to distant future where we could see a new and improved version of the Purple People Eaters. The Vikings have a good nucleolus of young players on defense starting with Harrison Smith, Xavier Rhodes, Audie Cole (yes I did say his name) and Sharrif Floyd.

The old saying is you win championships with defense and the Vikings could be set to have a great defense for next several years. Many seem to be focus on the Vikings drafting a quarterback in the first round, and that might happen, but don’t be surprised if they draft defense first. While we have some good young players, we could be losing some steady veterans. This will have to be addressed.

Now, on to my Super Bowl prediction. We have a clash of the #1 defense against the #1 offense. This year Payton Manning seems to be on a mission. I have watched in amazement at how he picks apart defenses and put together one of the best seasons by a quarterback ever. I have a hard time seeing the Seahawks stopping him. Seattle’s defense relies on pressuring the quarterback. Payton doesn’t hold on to the ball long enough for them to get to him. This will become problematic for the Seahawks and they will struggle to keep up with the Bronco’s point for point.

Manning will have over 400 yards passing, and Russell Wilson will have a big day as well, mainly on the ground, rushing for half as many passing yards. Marshawn Lynch won’t be a huge factor because the Seahawks will be playing from behind most of the game and will need to pass more.

The final score won’t be as close and most will expect. The final score will be Bronco’s 38 – Seahawks 24.

I wouldn’t bet any wagers with this info, it’s just fun seeing how close we can come to predicting the games outcome. You can read 100 different Blogs and get 100 different outcomes. This one is from a Vikings fan, SKOL!!!!!!

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