Who will the Vikings draft in the first round..or not draft?

The Super Bowl hasn’t been played yet and many have their mock drafts set up. Most on NFL.com have the Vikings grabbing Blake Bortles out of Central Florida. At 6′-4″ he has the size desired by many but is considered to be a work in progress. I’m not sure Vikings fans are willing to wait 1-2 years for another potential quarterback of the future to develop. We can also quit wishing for Johnny Manzel or Teddy Bridgewater to be drafted by the Vikings because they will be gone by the 5th pick.

I understand that the Vikings need to address the quarterback situation, but they have bigger problems. If Minnesota’s defense was average, Christian Ponder would have won 9 games in 2013. I’m not saying that Ponder will be our starter, or even be around next year, I am just trying to emphasize how pathetic the Vikings defense was. Many say it was because of the players and their effort. I feel it was two things, they didn’t buy into the scheme DC Alan Williams was using and they didn’t have any faith in their starting quarterback.

The evidence I have for this was when Frazier started Matt Cassell in London against the Steelers. It looked like we had a rejuvenated defense and actually won the game. But, there is the possibility that Minnesota could lose two of their starters on the defensive line (Jared Allen and Kevin Williams). This could be an even bigger problem than who starts at quarterback.

I can see two possible scenarios.

1. The Vikings keep their first round pick and draft DE Stephon Tuitt out of Notre Dame. While it is said that he is suited for the 3-4, he has the speed and ability to chase down apposing quarterbacks. Plus, I’m not sure it’s engraved in stone that the Vikings will run a 4-3 defense.


2. The Vikings cut a deal with the Washington Redskins and possibly trading their #1 for back up quarterback Kirk Cousins. Before you call me batcrap crazy, hear me out. The Redskins are in need of Offensive Tackles and there is a good possibility that both Greg Robinson (Auburn) and Jake Matthews (Texas A&M) could be available at #7. Cousins has good size (6′-3″) and was pushing RGIII for the starting position in Washington, plus he is only 25.

Let the conversation begin, but remember you heard it here first!!!!!


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