Zimmer has a lot to work with.

The Vikings seemed to have landed the Holy Grail of head coaches if you read the reactions to the hiring from former players and coaches Mike Zimmer has worked with. I react with guarded optimism. As a Minnesota sports fan, I see the similarities to when the Wild signed Zack Parise and Ryan Suter. It’s too early to really evaluate the success of their additions. They have been with the Wild for basically only one full season. Many had the Wild going to the Stanley Cup.

But, one player, or two players, don’t or shouldn’t make a team. Classic example of that is Green Bay. The loss of Aaron Rodgers turned them into an average team. The fans were so disappointed that the Packers had a hard time selling out a home playoff game. A case of having one’s eggs in a single basket.

The Vikings, on the other hand, didn’t seem to skip a beat when Adrian Peterson went down. Granted, they really had nothing to play for, but they played the season out. This has to be one of the positives the Zimmer should see and build from. The Vikings did have a dismal record this past year, but I feel that our offense, with marginal play from the Quarterback Carousel, scored enough points to win several games. The defense could not stop anyone, losing games in the final seconds.

Now apparently the Vikings have worked out a deal with Norv Turner to run the offense. This signifies to me that the Vikings are serious about turning the franchise around. Turner is a proven OC. But this is not where most of the work needs to be done. Rumors are the Vikings have hired Dolphins Linebackers coach George Edwards as their defensive coordinator. My guess is that Zimmer knows what Edwards brings to the table. With Zimmer being a defensive genius, he can work with Edwards and implement the type of defense he wants to run.

I am excited to see what this team can do with a proven coaching staff. But I also know, it can take a year or two for the new head coach to get his players around him. I do not know if the Vikings will be a playoff team next year, but it should be fun watching Mr Zimmer run the team. If our defense can improve and even if Matt Cassell has to start the season while our new, freshly drafted quarterback watches and learns, our odds of a winning record is within reach in 2014. We must be patient!

I am currently doing research for the draft and hope to have my mock draft soon. A draft from a fans perspective!!!


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