Adrian Peterson and Defense will be Key for the Vikings

The Vikings shocked the world this past Sunday when they beat a San Francisco 49ers team that many are already saying are heading for the Super Bowl.  They look to keep that momentum rolling over into week 4 when they challenge division rival Detroit Lions.  If the Vikings can get a ground game going and pressure backup quarterback Shaun Hill throughout the game, they certainly cover the +4.5 points they need as it pertains to NFL odds for the week 4.

Getting the ball in Adrian Peterson’s hands throughout the game is extremely important if Minnesota wishes to get out of week 4 with a win.  He has looked spectacular since coming back from a torn ACL in the middle of the 2011 season.  Many do not recover from an injury such as this, but Peterson has seemingly gotten better after it.  He should be able to get a solid run game together which will trick the Lions defense into allowing Christian Ponder some easy passing yards.

Where the Vikings get a break this week is on defense.  With quarterback Matthew Stafford out with an injury, the Vikings will get the luxury of playing against one Shaun Hill.  While Hill is one of the better backups in the league, he does not have the chemistry with the rest of the offense that Stafford obviously has.  This will be great for the Jared Allen led Vikings D as they will be given opportunities to prey on Hill that may not have been opened up had Stafford been able to play in week 4.

With Matthew Stafford out for the week, the Vikings have been given a big opportunity this week in football.  Whether they are able to capitalize on it remains to be seen, but they do have all the key players in place to take home the victory.

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