Fraizer Quotes from Wednesday’s Presser

Following Wednesday’s practice Lezlie Frazier took questions from the media regarding Sunday’s matchup with Detroit, injuries, among other topics. The opening questions were about injuries, and the focus immediately went to safety Mistral Raymond. Considering it looked like it could be a really bad injury when he was seen on crutches in post game the prognosis of 3 weeks is not so bad, the reason being specialists ruled he does not need surgery. Erin Henderson’s news does not seem so optimistic. After reporting concussion symptoms to the team about a week ago he has yet to pass tests. Kyle Rudolph has a sore thigh but all indications are he will be a go come Sunday in Detroit.

With Matthew Stafford suffering from a tweaked hamstring it was asked if the team is preparing as if he will start. Fraizer went on to say that they are preparing for both quarterbacks and there does not seem to be a much of a difference in the Lions offensive approach with Stafford or Shaun Hill.

Questions about how Percy Harvin is holding up physically led to the topic of Jerome Simpson making his season debut Sunday. Yes, Christian Ponder is having this success and is about to add another weapon to his repertoire. Regarding Harvin physically all of Frazier’s answers were positive. Asked if Simpson coming back will give them chances to give Harvin plays off, Frazier responded by basically saying that Harvin adds a different dimension to the offense. When he is on the field defenses have to play them differently, so no he will not be playing less with Simpson back. Frazier also emphasized how excited Simpson is to get on the field saying “Oh he’s fired up.” Expect Simpson to come out firing on all cylinders Sunday with fresh legs, he is a very underrated weapon being added to this offense.

Questions were then brought up about the replacement officials. Luckily we do not have to address these today because the lockout is over! The real officials are back as of tonight in Baltimore, thank the football gods.

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