Minnesota Looking for Another Win in Week 4

Making your NFL picks can be tricky for a divisional game.  Teams that look great against non-division teams can struggle against division rivals that simply have their number.  This could end up being the case this coming Sunday when the Minnesota Vikings take on the Detroit Lions.  If the Vikings can play at the level they did in their upset win against the San Francisco 49ers, they definitely have a shot to beat the Lions in week 4.

One of the things that really helped the Lions in their win against the 49ers was their gutsiness in their play calling.  They decided to go for it on fourth and goal early in the game which resulted in a touchdown instead of a field goal.  This certainly shifted the momentum and left the Niners in a position where they could not get ahead for the rest of the game.  The Lions are easily flustered this year, so a plan like this could certainly put them off their game.  If Christian Ponder and Adrian Peterson can move the ball effectively to start out the game, the Lions simply will not have a chance to get things going on their side.  Add to that the fact that Detroit’s quarterback Matthew Stafford went with an injury late in the game in week 3 and the Vikings look to have the Lions right where they want them.  They just need to maintain a strong defense and this game is theirs for the taking.  The Lions are a prime target for upset losses this year it seems.

The Vikings are not favored in the game against the Lions this week which gives more reason to take them in your picks.  They looked inspired against San Francisco this past week and are surely looking to keep things rolling the same way for the rest of the season.  If they can take home this win, they will surely be a team to beat in the NFC this year.

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