Are Vikings Fans Optimistic for Week Two?

There was good news and bad news for Vikings fans this week.  The good news was that they won.  The bad news was that it was only by three against the Jacksonville Jaguars.  This nail biting win may be foreshadowing just how subpar and disappointing the Vikings will be this season.  They are playing the Indianapolis Colts this week, and while they are favored, do not look for them to pull out the win in this visiting game.

The key factor as to whether the Vikings have a chance against the Colts, or for the rest of the season, is Adrian Peterson’s health.  He is coming off a very intensive knee surgery and was questionable already going into week one.  If he cannot stay healthy and lead this team, then they really have no chance this year.  His back up, Toby Gerhart, is a solid back but not even close to being in the same league as Peterson.  This Vikings team needs an elite running back, because they just are not getting it done in the air.

The reason for this is their weak quarterback, Christian Ponder.   It is only his second year in the league, so he certainly has a chance to improve.  If his numbers for week 1 are any indication, however, he will not be an elite quarterback any time soon.  In their win against Jacksonville, Ponder only threw 270 years, had a fumble and did not even get a passing touchdown.  He looks weak and may not have a job by the end of the season if he continues to play this poorly.

When it comes to NFL odds for the game between the Vikings and the Colts, the Colts seem like a better choice.  A weak quarterback and injury prone Peterson will be the deciding factor when everything is said and done.

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