Vikings update Peterson’s status


Photo by: Chris Keane/Icon SMI

As we inch closer to week 1 of the NFL season, one of the biggest stories in the league concerns whether or not Adrian Peterson will be ready to go for the Vikings. After suffering the devastating knee injury late last season there is no guarantee he will be ready. Surprisingly the Vikings sound somewhat optimistic about his status. No team would ever come out and say whether or not their injured superstar will be playing so Minnesota has not done this. But, what they have said makes it sound as if he will be active on September 9th when the Vikings ready for their opener against Jacksonville.

Head coach Leslie Fraizer came out and said today that Peterson will be practicing for the week 1 gameplan and they will see how he responds. The Vikings are playing this one smart. Peterson is their franchise player coming off a major knee injury that cannot be messed with. The fact that they can even consider him an option for week 1 is a positive. If for whatever reason they do not feel he is ready he will not play, nor should he. The bottom line is Minnesota needs the 2 time all pro running back for more then just week 1. They need him for the rest of the season and beyond. Sorry fantasy football owners who drafted Peterson despite the injury the Vikings are not thinking about you when considering this decision.

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