Vikings Not as sharp in regular season rehearsal

Coming off a promising performance in week 2 of the preseason, the Vikings attempted to keep the positive vibes going against San Diego. They did so with limited success. Ponder was not able to duplicate the numbers he put up against Buffalo. It would have been nice to see this but it is hard to really get worked up about Ponder. As a second year QB he is going to have his ups and downs. At this point in his career you want to see progress. From what I saw of Ponder last season I truly believe that he has loads of potential. The toughest part of this season might be him playing up to that potential with the lack of talent surrounding him.

The regular season has not even started yet and it is clear that the Vikings miss Adrian Peterson. Without him the run game is just not there. Gerhart is a solid back up who if put into a limited role might succeed, but he cannot handle all the carries. All the reports out of Vikings camp is that Peterson will be ready for week 1. Apparently he is practicing without experiencing setbacks so that is quite promising. The issue here is will Peterson ever be the same again? Minnesota better hope so because without him there is a serious lack of talent on the offensive side of the ball.

As for the defensive side although it has showed some promise in the preseason. It is doubtful that it will be very good come week 1. Outside of Jared Allen who will be a force the talent is lacking. Chad Greenway is a solid linebacker but not something to be terribly afraid of. Antoine Winfield is getting up there in age and is not the same player. Expectations coming out of the preseason for this team should be reserved. I would love to sit here and say I think they can finish 8-8 or better but I just do not see it. We have seen crazier things happen in NFL history so there is nothing wrong with being optimistic.

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