Peterson’s Trial Set for this Week

Adrian Peterson will address charges this week.

Adrian Peterson, who was arrested on Saturday for resisting arrest will appear in Houston court this week to address his charges. Per the Houston Chronicle, the incident started when the drunk Adrian Peterson refused to listen to the bouncer at the bar, an off-duty police officer, and shoved him in order to get past him so that he could get some water. Following the shove, it took a total of three police officers to finally get Peterson handcuffed.

Additionally, per a tweet made by Dan Wiederer, Chritian Ponder was asked about the event, and although he said it shocked him and the actions didn’t seem to fit Adrian Perterson’s character, it will have no effect on the team. Although it’s just a few quotes relayed through Twitter, it’s great to see Ponder addressing the situation appropriately and supporting Peterson by calling him the leader of the Vikings. Don’t expect these charges to carry over into the training camp, they should be settled within the next couple of weeks.

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