Adrian Peterson Arrested!

Photo by Chris Keane/Icon SMI

Early Saturday morning, the Vikings premier running back, Adrian Peterson, was arrested by the Houston Police when exiting a nightclub. According to the Houston Police Public Information Site, Peterson was released on a $1,000 bond and received just one charge, resisting arrest. Other than what is noted on the Houston Police website, not much information about the event has been made public yet. We have yet to be able to find a video on youtube or any other media outlet to show what exactly happened, but the charges do lead to a lot of questions.

It isn’t common to be arrested for resisting arrest, but not receive any other charges. You know, the charges that lead to the initial attempt to arrest the suspect. Per Mike Florio on PFT, it was noted that Peterson exchanged a few words with law enforcement when attempting to get some water after he was told that the club was closing and he needed to leave. As he was leaving, an officer attempted to tackle him, but suffered the same fate that many NFL defenders also do, he was unable to bring down the leagues most dominant rusher, and that’s what led to the arrest. On a side note, with Peterson still not fully rehabbed from his surgery to repair the damage that was done to his knee near the end of his 2011 campaign, let’s just hope this physical altercation didn’t cause any setbacks in his recovery.

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