Minnesota Wins Despite Losing Peterson

On a week in which everything clicked offensively for the Vikings, it was disheartening to see their best player, Adrian Peterson get injured the way in which he did. Despite these injuries to Ponder and Peterson Minnesota was still able to get the 33-26 win, but Peterson’s future could be impacted by this injury.

Minnesota began the second half tied with the Redskins at 10, and with the ball. On their first play from scrimmage Adrian Peterson took the hand-off and ran three yards, before getting hit on the knee by safety DeJon Gomes. When Peterson was hit, his knee was bent gruesomely backwards and sideways. It was immediately obvious that Peterson was severely injured and it was later confirmed that he had tore both his ACL and MCL. With a successful surgery and rehabbing it should still be at least nine months before Peterson can get back onto the field, and there is no guarantee he will be the same.

With Christian Ponder injured as well backup quarterback Joe Webb came in and played just about as well as a backup could play and led the Vikings on a couple of crucial drives leading to a couple of passing touchdowns and a rushing one as well. Webb finished the game 4 of 5 for 84 yards and 2 touchdowns and also rushed for 34 yards on 5 carries including a touchdown.

The Vikings built a 33-23 lead, with just over four minutes to go and just had to force the anemic Redskins offense to use clock to score. With the victory the 2011 Vikings avoid being the worst Minnesota team ever and will have a chance of exacting revenge against the Chicago Bears next week.

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