Minnesota puts up a Stinker on Monday Night

The Minnesota Vikings are an out and out disaster of a team. In Lambeau on Monday Night, they knew they were going to have to play a clean and smart game against Green Bay, just to give themselves a shot. On the first drive of the game they are forced to punt and which turns into an 80 yard punt return touchdown by Randall Cobb. At that point right there everyone and their grandmother knew, that the Vikings had absolutely no shot of winning this game.

Minnesota did not do one thing worth noting against the Packers. Their one good player on offense, Peterson did not even have a very good game only gaining 51 yards on 14 carries including a touchdwon. Jared Allen did get a sack in this game, but at this point who cares about a player that acts like a fool every time he gets a sack, when you realize the team he plays on is (2-7) and is getting trashed by everyone within their own division.

Oakland comes to Minnesota next week, off of a big win over the Chargers. Being that the Raiders do not play in the NFC North the Vikings may have a chance in this game, but do not count on it.

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