Vikings Blow another one in Overtime, 26 to 23

If football was a 30 minute game the Minnesota Vikings would be 3 and 0, however it is not a 30 minute game and Vikings are a 0 and 3 team. In a game that the Vikings held a 20 to nothing lead at the half, they somehow managed to find another way to lose a game that they led at the half in.

Minnesota started the game strong, as usual, getting pair of field goals out of Longwell in the first quarter. Adrian Peterson built on the lead with a 6 yard touchdown run in the second quarter, putting the Vikes up 13 to nothing.

With a minute forty left in the first half, Jared Allen rocked Matt Stafford forcing him to fumble, which Minnesota recovered at midfield. The Vikings then went down the field scoring on a touchdown pass to the tight end Shiancoe with seconds remaining in the half.

Minnesota went to the locker room leading 20 to 0. So far this season the Vikings have outscored their opponents 54 to 7 in the first half, which in the end has meant nothing for them.

The Lions woke up in the second half scoring 23 unanswered points, including two touchdown passes from Stafford to Calvin Johnson. Minnesota was fortunate that they were able to tie the game with another field goal from Longwell, to send it to overtime, where they were eventually disposed of by the 3 and 0 Lions.

If the Vikings are going to continue to lose, it may make sense to just start their first round pick at quarterback, Christian Ponder. It is not like McNabb is doing anything special to keep him in the lineup if they just lose every game.

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