Minnesota Blows 17 Point Lead to Bucs

After a building a 17-0 lead at home on Sunday, the Minnesota Vikings managed to lose the game 24 to 20. Early in the game the offense was clicking, with McNabb distributing the ball, much more effectively than he did last week against the Chargers, and Adrian Peterson finding the end zone twice, becoming the Vikings All-Time leader in rushing touchdowns. Peterson finished the game with with 25 rushes for 120 yards and two scores.

Minnesota looked like they were going to be able to close this out with Peterson running out the clock in the second half, however Tampa Bay never panicked. The Buccaneers remained patient and continued to run the ball with LeGarrette Blount who carried in the game winning touchdown and totaled 73 yards and two TDs over 13 rushes.

The Vikings held the lead 20 to 17 with six minutes to go and the Buccaneers with the ball. Josh Freeman methodically led the Bucs down the field using up most of the clock, because Leslie Frazier decided not to use any of his three remaining timeouts, which was peculiar to say the least. If they used any of them, Minnesota could have kept time on the clock in case Tampa scored to tie or take the lead, allowing the Vikings enough time to mount a drive in an effort to win it.

With this loss the Vikings find themselves 0-2 to start the season and already two games back of everyone within their division. They will need a strong effort next week when they take on the upstart Detroit Lions.

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