Skol Nation Has a Reason For Optimism.

As I sat and watch the final Vikings game of 2014, I wasn’t too worried if they would win or lose, I just wanted them to play a good game. That’s all I usually want because you can’t win them all. What I did take away from Sunday’s game was the the Minnesota Viking WILL […]

December 2014 by TheBigDawg

Minnesota Viking Lose To……The Minnesota Vikings

I wish I could say I was this all knowing Pigskin Prognosticator, but I’m not. I’m just your average Minnesota Vikings fan. I’ve suffered through the ups and down of the vikings for over 45 year now. This past offseason gave Vikings fans a glimmer of hope. The Wilfs just hired as head coach, a […]

December 2014 by TheBigDawg

Vikings eliminated from playoffs, fans look to next year.

With the Seattle Seahawks winning Sunday, it dashed any slim hope for a Viking playoff push. Not really surprising that the Vikings will not be going to the postseason, at least for this fan. While I, like many fans, was hoping to see the Purple Gang in the playoff for coach Zimmers first season as […]

December 2014 by TheBigDawg

Vikings fans need to be P A T I E N T.

I have been a Vikings fan since 1969. I would sit next to my dad and watch the games, and every once in a while adjust the rabbit ears according to my father’s instructions to get a better picture. I also was a huge trading card collector. My goal every year was the collect every […]

November 2014 by TheBigDawg

Peterson’s future rests in Goodell’s and Wilf’s hands.

With Adrian Peterson’s plea of no contest to misdemeanor reckless assault as part of plea deal with prosecutors to resolve his felony child abuse case, the future of AP and the Vikings is in the hands of the NFL commissioner and the owner of the Vikings. Many have said that since the plea was a misdemeanor, […]

November 2014 by TheBigDawg

Week #8 Vikings at Buccaneers

The game was billed as 2-5 team play at a 1-5 team, in other words, not an important game. And, by the play in the first half, it was named accordingly. Both teams jockeyed for field position for most of the first half with the Vikings having a slight edge in that category. The only […]

October 2014 by TheBigDawg

Week #7 Vikings at Bills

Sorry my post is so late, I was having internet issues Sunday and was in the hospital Monday so I will just do a review of the season so far. The 2014 Minnesota Vikings season has been like a roller coaster so far. This is not much of a surprise to this blogger. Fans had […]

October 2014 by TheBigDawg

Week #6 Lions at Vikings

This morning sipping coffee, waiting for the Vikings noon kickoff with the Lions, I wondered what team would show up today. It didn’t take long for me to get my answer. The Lions took the opening kickoff and marched down the field for an opening drive touchdown that took just under 4 minutes. The Vikings […]

October 2014 by TheBigDawg

Week #5, Vikings at Packers

I waited until the dust settled from the Vikings v Packers game last night to write this post. But it didn’t help get that bitter taste we all get when Christian Ponder is declared the Vikings starter. I was one of many Vikings fans that had hoped Ponder would have been released before the regular […]

October 2014 by TheBigDawg

Vikings, Bridgewater and the O-Line

I don’t expect the Vikings to be very forthcoming with information on Teddy Bridgwater’s injury. They want to keep the Packers guessing this short week. So far the reports say that it’s just a spain, but as we all know, if it’s the dreaded high ankle sprain, he could be out weeks or days. I […]

September 2014 by TheBigDawg