Preseason Week #3 Review Mn vs KC

The night was slightly hotter than the Vikings were used to in Mankato. That didn’t seem to affect the Vikings play though. The first team offense looked solid, with the highlight being a 53  yard pitch and catch, Matt Cassel to Cordarrelle Patterson for six points. The offensive line looked much better in their pass […]

6 days ago by TheBigDawg

Pre-Season Week #2 Review MN vs ARI

Two weeks of preseason football under the Zimmer regime and the most noticeable differences from the past coaching staff is even though it’s only preseason, coach Zimmer is very fired up and animated on the sidelines. Dare I say, more involved in the game. I am starting to see some real good chemistry between Matt […]

2 weeks ago by TheBigDawg

Cassel has edge after first pre-season game.

I, like just about every other Viking fan was excited to see many of this years rookie class, with Teddy Bridgewater the one I wanted to see the most. I recorded the game so I could review it this week. I have watched it twice since Friday night. I get the same opinion stuck in […]

3 weeks ago by TheBigDawg

Raiders Vs Vikings @ TCF Bank Stadium

The Viking pre-season opener was the first home outdoor game since Dec 29th 2010. The weather was a little more tolerable this time around. The field was fitted with new turf and heating tubes under it for those Dec. and hopefully Jan home games. Vikings kick off. Raiders go 3 and out (with a penalty). […]

3 weeks ago by TheBigDawg

Dust settles after Kluwe report

It’s been a while since my last post. The months of June and July are the worst for football fans. The draft is over, rookies have been signed and we just wait for training camp to start. I could have posted about some stale subjects, but decided to wait until it was closer to the […]

last month by TheBigDawg

Zimmer drafts to his strengths.

The dust has settled from the 2014 NFL Draft, and it appears that coach Zimmer thinks like I do. Or vise versa. He noticed that the Vikings could have easily been a playoff team in 2013 IF the defense could have stopped ANYONE!! The Vikings yielded a league high average of 30 points (ranked 31st overall) […]

May 2014 by TheBigDawg

Vikings trade up for first round pick at #32

The Vikings traded up with the Seahawks to #32 to grab Teddy Bridgewater. Slightly under sized at 6′-2″, he could be the answer to the Vikings QB questions. I see a lot of the same statements that followed Christian Ponder, i.e. smart and high football IQ. I (personally) was hoping for slightly larger type of […]

May 2014 by TheBigDawg

Vikings grab Anthony Barr LB UCLA

Vikings traded down to #9  with Cleveland, and with that pick Anthony Barr, Linebacker-UCLA. Barr is 6′-5″, 255lbs. Ran a 4.66 40 yard dash, and was slated to go in the first 10 picks in the first round. More on Anthony Barr on I am not surprised that the Vikings went with defense for […]

May 2014 by TheBigDawg

Vikings 2014 Season Schedule

Vikings 2014 Event Schedule NFL Draft, Thursday May 8th, Friday May 9th and Saturday May 10th. Vikings have picks in round 1 at #8, round 2 at #8(40 overall), round 3 at #8(72) and #32(96), Round 4 at #8(108), round 5 at #8(148), round 6 at #8(184), round 7 at #8(223). Subject to change, don’t […]

May 2014 by TheBigDawg

New theme emerges in Zimmer’s first minicamp.

I have been watching videos over on, and I am seeing a common theme emerging from the players interviewed. All interviews so far mention higher player accountability. This will be a good thing in my opinion. I haven’t posted in a while, manly because there are already too many mock drafts out there and […]

April 2014 by TheBigDawg